“I would highly recommend Teresa as an excellent NLP mentor and coach. Teresa’s support has been invaluable in helping me learn how to create meaningful goals and objectives, as well as realistic plans to achieve them. Thanks to Teresa’s support I have been able to create the balance in my life to operate at a high level professionally and to be fulfilled, so the impact of her coaching has been very positive.”

Stephanie Mitchell, Emerging Tech Product Manager, Santander UK

“Teresa has been a really great coach and has definitely helped me realise my goal of working out what I would like to do professionally. She has been very engaging and has successfully guided me to realise what I already knew but not acknowledged.

She asks the right questions and encourages me to think differently and consider a different perspective to things.

When I started coaching with Teresa I had a very scathing opinion of the concept of coaching. Not only has she shown me how useful it can be but she helped me appreciate what I would like to do career-wise and also work out my preferred steps to get there.”

Tom Rudden, Santander UK

Testimonials in Spanish about the Leadership Transformation Programme